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Alex Corrigan ~ LCMT

Beth Hoyle ~ LCMT

Connie Marez ~ LCMT

Cydney Rael ~ LCMT

Dawna Ray McNair ~ LCMT

Diana Delino ~ LCMT

Gina Copeland ~ LCMT

Jennifer Harned ~LCMT

Jessica Basler ~ LCMT

Jessie Monahan Smith ~ LCMT

Kari Carter ~ LCMT

Kelcee Keyes ~ LCMT

Michelle Jacobs ~ LCMT

Sadie Williamson ~ LCMT

Sammy Fuller ~LCMT

Sara Hlavach ~ LCMT

Sarah Stewart ~ LCMT

Teresa Schmitt ~ LCMT

Tessica Tripple ~LCMT

Tracy Harris ~ LCMT

~Robin ~Cain , LMT, 

We regret to say that Cancer took Robin from us in April, 2006. We know that she will always be with us in spirit. Thank you Robin, you are loved by us all.

~Julie Wells, CLMT

      Julie's free spirit was released from this earth much to early in January of 2018. She will always be with us in everything we do.  Thank you Julie, you are loved by us all.

All therapists are independent contractors.

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